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Underwriting Process Software

Founded in July 2011 and headquartered in the heart of London, Innovations Infinite takes a revolutionary approach to enterprise software that redefines what your business can achieve.

After more than a decade in the IT industry, Anish Kumar saw the same, tired approaches to business software everywhere he looked. The industry seemed to be stuck in first gear, selling slow, expensive and limited solutions. Anish founded Innovations Infinite to break through these roadblocks, delivering truly affordable software with a holistic business impact - fast.

Professional services companies worldwide choose our software. From law firms and insurance companies to technology businesses and consultancies, we empower our customers to work more effectively and achieve the outstanding results their clients demand.

Underwriting Workbench

Underwriting Workbench brings intuitive front office collaboration tools to Commercial Property and Casualty (Re)Insurance firms.

In their daily work, underwriters often face a tangle of disparate IT systems that become an on-going distraction from the task at hand. Precious time drains away into mundane tasks, such as re-entering policy details across different systems, or searching for information in convoluted databases. All of these inefficiencies combine to harm productivity, which can be especially painful during busy periods.

Underwriting Workbench solves these challenges with a fully integrated platform that streamlines a mass of IT systems into a single software suite. This utterly eliminates the tangle of individual systems, disconnected processes and workflow inefficiencies insurers are usually expected to cope with when underwriting a single policy.

Underwriting Workbench also delivers unbeatable collaboration, both inside and outside organisations. The single software suite captures every piece of essential information - from documents to emails - and ensures they remain at an underwriter's fingertips. Meanwhile, context-aware access ensures that only the right people see sensitive information.


We believe the benefits of powerful enterprise software should be available to companies of all sizes, not just the largest corporations with the biggest budgets. We empower progressive, forward-thinking companies with far-reaching solutions that are both affordable and fast to implement.


Software development is difficult and time-consuming, but we have come up with a solution. Think of it as the industrial revolution for the computer age: we can finish complex IT projects at lightning speed because our coding is done by robots.

That's right. Robots. Once we outline the specifications of a project, the coding process is entirely automated - reducing project timescales by 80% or more. Robotic coding also eliminates human error, making our testing process even more streamlined.

What does that mean for you? We can deliver more feature-rich software, five times faster and at a lower price. We're also far more responsive when it comes to further customisation, platform updates or support queries. The robot revolution has begun!

Management Team

Anish Kumar
Anish Kumar
Founder and Managing Director

Anish Kumar is the founder and managing director of Innovations Infinite. During his career, Anish has worked as an analyst and project manager for some the world's biggest insurance, business change and information technology companies, including Brit Insurance, Swiss Re, Infosys Technologies and Quadriga Worldwide.

Anish has undertaken years of pioneering research into computer-aided software engineering and code generation. This culminated in the development of Accelerated Solutions, a ground-breaking tool that can bring products and solutions to market in far shorter timescales. Today, Accelerated Solutions underpins everything Innovations Infinite delivers. Anish holds a B.Eng in Computer Engineering from Pune University, India.