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Underwriting Process Software

Getting the teams together at one place to make underwriting decisions is almost impossible these days. They could be out and about in the city or half the way across the world winning new businesses. So how do you still work effectively as a team?

Think of Underwriting Workbench as the collaboration platform for the digital enterprise. No matter how scattered the team might be across the globe and time zones, Underwriting Workbench brings them together on the same platform. They all see the same version of the truth. They are intimated at the exact moment when their contribution is needed and they have the access to all the relevant information, documents and emails at their fingertips.

This platform empowers the individuals for their day to day work while providing insightful overview to the higher management.

Working alongside your existing policy administration system this platform empowers the teams and management alike for better underwriting experience and results.

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Key Features

Insurance & Reinsurance Products

Manage multiple Insurance or Reinsurance products on a single platform. Underwriting Workbench is highly configurable and can be configured for each line of business to precisely match your processes.

New & Renewals

Underwrite direct line new and renewals across all lines of businesses.

Binding Authority, Bordereaux & Referrals

Manage Binding Authority, Bordereaux and referrals all on one platform.

Underwriting Control & Reviews

Multiple review processes are triggered automatically based on configurable underwriting limits and thresholds.

Insight 360° - Program

Complete 360° view of a program including documents and emails. All the participant's inputs are presented in an articulated way.

Client Management

Manage the list of your clients, contact points, insurable assets, programs, claims etc. A complete 360° insight of a client.

Broker Management

Manage the list of your brokers, contact points, programs, claims etc. A complete 360° insight of a broker.

Coverholder Management

Manage the list of your coverholders, contact points, programs, claims etc. A complete 360° insight of a coverholder.

Team Management

Define multiple teams for Underwriting, CAT Modelling, Technical Processing etc. with the flexibility to assign people to multiple teams. Team members have visibility of their own as well as team's allocations.

Expert Advice

Consult risk experts and manage their advice / recommendations right from Underwriting Workbench.

Platform Features

Underwriting Process Software


A symphony of processes for enhanced collaboration
  • Enhance collaboration across teams using inbuilt workflow and business rule engine
  • Automate tasks for greater efficiency
  • Preconfigured workflows can be further refined for your organisation and lines of businesses
Underwriting Process Software


All your documents where they should be
  • Store all your documents related to the Programs
  • Context Sensitive Secured Access for relevant people
  • Access through different devices
  • Seamless integration for better user experience
Underwriting Process Software


Important emails arranged as per their contexts
  • Send email directly from Underwriting Workbench
  • Synchronise with your email account to see the sent / received emails in context of the Programs
Underwriting Process Software

Go Global

Go Global with multi currency, multi lingual and multi time zone support
  • Multi currency support with configurable foreign exchange rates
  • Multi lingual and localisation support for your own native language
  • Work across borders in different time zones with multi time zone support
Underwriting Process Software

Freedom of Access

Seamless web access across operating systems, browsers and devices
  • Works across all the major browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Works across all the major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Works on handheld and tablet devices like iPad, iPhone, and Android
Underwriting Process Software


Access your data securely
  • Secured access through 256 bit encrypted channel
  • Multi role context sensitive access to data so that only the right people see the relevant information